Let's Make Shelter Animals Healthy & Adoption-Ready!

Let's Make Shelter Animals Healthy & Adoption-Ready! image




FOSVASC Provides Funding When There's Little Hope


Dogs like Fuji-film, pictured here, arrive at the shelter everyday needing medical attention. Fuji's mouth was full of broken and rotted teeth from his days as a neglected stray. Friends of SVASC paid for his dental surgery thanks to your gifts. Look how handsome he is! He's awaiting his forever home now!

FOSVASC provides medical funding to the open-intake, kill shelter in Lyndhurst, VA. Many of these animals were abandoned due to medical conditions, injured while stray, or arrive street-worn. In 2023, over $72,000 was provided by Friends to Augusta County's most needy and rejected animals.

FOSVASC has helped over 400 animals in the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center municipal shelter receive medical treatment. Once well, they are adoption-ready and 100% of adoption-ready animals have found their forever homes or are awaiting that special family now!

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